Well hello! I’m Maggie, a Korean American who grew up in Southern California with my grandmother, mom, dad, three sisters and brother. I’m a writer and registered dietitian, but Kimchi Curious isn’t really about either of those things. It’s about finding a closer connection to my roots through the kitchen. Though, hopefully the writing will be OK, and you’ll find that most dishes are healthy to healthy-ish. From what I know, traditional cuisines tend to have a great foundation in healthy foods, balanced with more indulgent festival foods for special occasions. Korean food is this way, too (no, it’s not all galbi/BBQ all the time everyday). 

This is just a little corner of the internet where I’ll document my experiences as I eat and cook my way through some of my favorite Korean foods. I’ll lean a lot on my mom for information and techniques, but I’ll also depend on my taste buds, some of the internet, a bunch of awesome cookbooks, & my proximity to LA’s K-town.

Here are the dishes that started it all: