Well hello! I’m Maggie, a first generation Korean-American who grew up in Southern California with my grandmother, mom, dad, three sisters and brother. I’m a writer and registered dietitian nutritionist, but Kimchi Curious isn’t really about either of those things. It’s about finding a closer connection to my roots through the kitchen. Though, hopefully the writing will be OK, and you’ll find that most dishes are healthy to healthy-ish. In my past research, I’ve found that traditional cuisines tend to have a great foundation in healthy foods, balanced with more indulgent festival foods for special occasions. Korean food is this way, too (no, it’s not all galbi/BBQ all the time everyday). 

In 2018, I plan to eat and cook my way through some of my favorite Korean foods, and hope to learn a ton in the process. I’ll lean a lot on my mom for information and techniques, but I’ll also depend on my taste buds, some of the internet, a bunch of awesome cookbooks, & my proximity to LA’s K-town.

I’ll be using this website to keep myself accountable, to share what I’ve learned, and connect with those out there who may be on a similar journey, or just want to follow along with mine (is that you? say hello! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!).

My goal is to focus on at least one dish per month. Here’s a sneak peak of what I have planned:

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